John Wender Architect


John Benjamin Wender is almost 54 years old. He claims to only much younger on online dating profiles while making blocks to only view girls under 30. He lures them in with his sob story of being such a deep tortured soul who struggles with his divorce and being misunderstood when all he is is dirty cocaine addict scum. He is a liar and a cheater. Do not think you are the only woman he is sleeping with.

He will give you several std’s and the way he is going he will die of AIDS and pass along HIV to as many women he can. He knows what STD’s he has and will lie to you and say he’s clean. Make sure you ask to see results before you even go there or in time you will get surprises on your next testing.

Save your friends, wives and sisters from this sleazy predator and his scuzzy 3.5 inch dick.


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