John Wender’s Sexploits

John Wender targets single Moms, high school teens (he likes them 16-19 best, under 20) and older women because he says they are ‘grateful’.

He’s a sexual predator and will do and say anything to get you into his bed. He loves, Adult, he finds random hook ups from CraigsList, also joined to,,, and others.

He loves younger girls because they are less experienced, dumb and another reason is that younger girls tend to be easier to attract. They are not as experienced with men and lack the maturity to be wise to all their tricks.

He also likes desperate and ugly women like Britt Kazmac even saying ‘yes, she’s hideous to look at but a c*nt is a c*nt’.

Basically there isn’t a woman John Wender wouldn’t have sex with which is why he is swarming with STD’s.

He spent all his mother’s inheritance on hotels and cocaine for his activities. He likes to get himself pumped up for sex with coke or alcohol. He has been in a program but he even managed to f*ck women from there against the program rules.

His wife looks like a witch and he said ‘she’s beyond unattractive and sexually vacant’ and uses that as his excuse to f*ck around as much as he can. So why marry her in the first place?

If you have sex with John Wender it’s best to wear full body protection because he’s so dirty you will catch just about everything going.

John Wender

Dirty Old Man John Benjamin Wender NYC Architect

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