John Wender – Expert Manipulator and Narcissist

John Wender is one of the best manipulators out there. He is an expert. He’s done it all his life, lying, scheming to get what he wants which is usually a woman into his STD ridden bed.  Remember ladies – you are nothing more than a conquest to him no matter how much he will profess otherwise.

Everything is a game to John Wender and when he is found out for the real ‘him’ you will never hear from him again as he does not like to be exposed. This is why he goes to great lengths and spins such believable stories to make himself the ‘victim’ so you will never really find out the truth about John Wender. All the women who ‘stalk’ him according to him, think about the reasons for why people would have hatred for him. You will either find out yourself one day or have the insight from reading posts like this to run far away from this pathetic excuse of a man.

john wender

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