My name is John Wender

john wender

Here is a little about me, if you already have not read the truth about me. Read on.

I am a sociopath and a narcissist. My past is a horror story littered with abusive behaviors, criminal acts and pathological lying. I cheated whenever I could, lied constantly, delighted in abusing women especially my wife Elena Sigman who I lied to for a good 20 years, I abused drugs (cocaine is my drug of choice) and alcohol for many years,  was and still am very promiscuous and most of this was to alleviate boredom as my life is so boring and I have no real interests.

In short, I’m a freight train of destruction.

My sex life is violent, devoid of affection and deviant. I find sex wherever I can get it and use several hook up sites for that under false names. I never have any desire to ‘make love’ and am completely depraved. I enjoy abusing women in the bedroom and out of it too.

I make myself the victim always. If you date me, John Wender, you will hear stories about this stalker, that stalker; I will always be the victim. Stop to think about why someone would go to the trouble to post the truth about me. Forewarned is forearmed. I will chew you up and spit you out. Unless you play me at my own game better but you’d have to be a sociopath also to be better than me at this game.

In some ways, I cherish my dark hole. My concealed life. Often, I am tempted to shut off my emotions (I rarely have any) and guilt I do experience which is admittedly shallow. I have experienced moments of repentance but upon reflection, these consist more of an intellectual understanding that I have wronged someone as opposed to feeling profound remorse.

In short, the twisted inner landscape of my mind is immoral and without any conscience. I have a predisposition for emotional callousness.

You see, I don’t want to be evil, but the truth is I can’t change. I remain hedonistic and attracted to what is dark and sleazy. I can silence my conscience at will. I can numb my emotions because I rarely feel any.

I use my children. I don’t love or show them love. I use them. Usually as an excuse for when I’m cheating or contacting other women. I am violent and full of rage. My special needs son attacked his mother with a baseball bat. Did he inherit violence from me?

If you do decide to date me, make sure you test me for all kinds of STDS because I won’t be honest about that and I’m too cheap to take a test. I’ve been spreading these around for some time with no remorse.

Finally, the icing on the cake, one of my whores just gave birth to my bastard child. I’m still married and engaging in unprotected sex!  As Homer Simpson would say ‘doh’! Guess what!  I’m too irresponsible to even take responsibility for that too. I dumped her when she wouldn’t abort it.

I am a really good guy, right?

John Wender Architect & Sociopath

John Wender Architect & Sociopath


John Wender’s Yellow Teeth

These teeth are much nicer than John Wender’s teeth, his resemble an Amish graveyard but the yellow plaque build up is the same.

John Wender should really see a dentist as well as go back for MORE STD testing as he just keeps spreading his diseases around NYC.

John Wender Architect Teeth NYC

John Wender Architect Teeth NYC


John Wender’s baby bundle

Let’s update this post with the recent events of John Wender’s sleazy life.
He is still married yet now has impregnated one of his sluts who is keeping her bastard child! John Wender is now going to be a father again at the age of 53. During this he’s continuing his seedy BDSM lifestyle, drug abuse and quest to f*ck and f*ck over every woman in NYC with that tiny STD infested weiner.

What I find amazing is how that little micro penis manages to impregnate any woman!

Architect New York John Wender

John Benjamin Wender NYC


John Wender’s Sexploits

John Wender targets single Moms, high school teens (he likes them 16-19 best, under 20) and older women because he says they are ‘grateful’.

He’s a sexual predator and will do and say anything to get you into his bed. He loves, Adult, he finds random hook ups from CraigsList, also joined to,,, and others.

He loves younger girls because they are less experienced, dumb and another reason is that younger girls tend to be easier to attract. They are not as experienced with men and lack the maturity to be wise to all their tricks.

He also likes desperate and ugly women like Britt Kazmac even saying ‘yes, she’s hideous to look at but a c*nt is a c*nt’.

Basically there isn’t a woman John Wender wouldn’t have sex with which is why he is swarming with STD’s.

He spent all his mother’s inheritance on hotels and cocaine for his activities. He likes to get himself pumped up for sex with coke or alcohol. He has been in a program but he even managed to f*ck women from there against the program rules.

His wife looks like a witch and he said ‘she’s beyond unattractive and sexually vacant’ and uses that as his excuse to f*ck around as much as he can. So why marry her in the first place?

If you have sex with John Wender it’s best to wear full body protection because he’s so dirty you will catch just about everything going.

John Wender

Dirty Old Man John Benjamin Wender NYC Architect